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FINDING SELF​ Live Interview

My brief Testimony and introduction 

My brief Testimony and Introduction to my Show Finding Self and how I overcame my struggle of addiction and Self-destructive behaviour, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens and guides me.

Our Recent Work


Nov. 9th

Childhood Experiences (going down memory lane)

Understanding our childhood experiences and how they can affect our way of thinking and at times warp our perception of the existence of God, family and humanity.

Learning how to restore our minds and hearts so we can begin to heal from within to live an abundant life.


Dec. 4th

(Restoring the Foundation) Courting vs. Dating

There are so many singles sites and social media distractions to deter us from communicating with other without a electronic device speaking for us.

Learning how to reconstruct and restore our hearts so we can begin to heal from within to love and give to our partners the way God has given to us. 

Restoring the Foundation


Josanna Gordon graces us with her beautiful presence and giving us her brief testimony where she allowed us into her world. There is so much love that all three of us had lost and now as we come together to show the world all the love that we never received except from our Holy father, we embrace the lessons and mistakes that we have made in the past and most importantly forgive ourselves because God has already forgiven us.

Forgiveness II

When we forgive each other, we release one another from anguish and pain, even though you may not be feeling the pain of the other person, that person is still feeling the pain of you. Not forgiving them because they have not realized that God forgave them already.

Expressing your disappointment to someone is not persecuting them but letting them understand that you have boundaries and they need to be respected.

 Finding Self

(Official Launch Party)


Drop the Mic

(Finding SelfLadies Pyjama Party)

​FINDING SELF with Regena

Living with Sickle Cell

Rev. Regena Provost & Her Mom tell the Story

FINDING SELF with Regena

(Unity in the Community)

FINDING SELF with Regena

Rev. Regena & Charmian:

MCTD & Sickle Cell

Making Facemasks and Hand Sanitizer

Rev. Regena Provost

(Hep C & Vasculitis)

Fresh Hot Mess: Rev. Regena

back in the hospital

dealing with Sickle Cell & Sepsis

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