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Finding SelPandemiccessories

My mother and I have been wearing face masks before this pandemic even began. We both have Compromised Immune systems.

We have very rare diseases. I have a rare version of Sickle Cell Disease and my mom has Mixed Connective Tissue Disease.

We know that our communities are in need right now, so we are willing to provide to the general public because your Health comes first and foremost.

Our Hair Care was created out of a need for real organic ingredients for those who believe natural is the way and works ten times better than the artificial products out there. 

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Sickle Cell Association of Ontario.

Our ​Organic 

2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner

Why use products that have ingredients that we can’t even pronounce? 

Our Hair Care is made from all natural ingredients that you can spell with ease,

Stops breakage instantly, while repairing your damaged hair, detangles, leaving it soft and manageable.

Since Everyone’s hair is different, we make it geared to his/her hair type.

Skin Care to follow...

Available in 12oz. Only.

Our ​Organic Hand sanitizer

Made from natural ingredients but does contain​ Rubbing alcohol (70% poof) This product will sanitize your hands while keeping them smooth and moist.

Available in 12oz. & 8oz. bottles

Kids’ Reversible​Masks

also made with Medical-Grade material and are ​very stylish. Girls masks come with a band so your little girl's ears will not get sore.

you can also request to have masks customized.

Kids Masks

Men & Women Reversible ​Masks

Made with Medical-Grade material are lightweight and come in a variety of colours and styles.

We also make insulated masks for the winter.

Bands are included and optional.

Medical-Grade Face Masks

Say What you feel...

If you have something to say and you want the world to know,

say it while protecting yourself and still looking stylish with our reversible masks!

Customization fees are included

Customized Masks

Our ​Patterns

We  have various patterns for 

Men, Women, Kids and Unisex